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The home screen within pureCHIROnotes allows you to easily manage and access all modules in once place.

Admin Panel

Manage users, clients, & office data with this intuitive interface! The administration module allows you to run a number of report to make the data you record each day useful.

Assisted Checkin

The assisted check in allows you or your assistant to easily check your clients in quickly and efficiently. Check in either an individual or family!

Family Check In

Check in the entire family even quicker with our family check in feature! This allows the Chiropractor, CA, or family to easily check in by simply click on the check box next to the present members.

Encounter Queue

As new clients are checked in, the encounter queue populates so that the Chiropractor can begin a new session. Smart color coding keeps you informed on whether the client is new or returning.


This is truly the epicenter of pureCHIROnotes! Effectively record all encounter information in a revolutionary SOAP notes format. Need to view a previous encounter while checking your client? No problem! You can pull up previous visits in a snap!

Manage Clients

Manage and maintain your client base within this easy to use interface.

Edit Client Information

Quickly manage key demographic information, link or un-link family members, add personal information, and more!

Attach Documents & Files

With this extraordinary feature, you can append intake forms, documents, images, X-Rays, ect... Simply upload your document, set a record date, and attach! All files can be accessed from this interface at a time when you need the files.

Manage Additional Users

Need to add additional Chiropractors or staff members? Customize the type of additional user by setting permissions, right/left handedness, key demographic information, and more!

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