Is Pure Chiro Notes a cloud-based software

Yes! Pure Chiro Notes is a cloud-based EHR & practice management software.

Can I use Pure Chiro Notes on any device? Windows? Mac? Tablet?

Since Pure Chiro Notes is a cloud-based software, it can be accessed by nearly any modern browser. Our customers use a plethora of devices ranging from desktops to tablets.

Could I generate Superbills?

Pure Chiro Notes is designed specifically for membership & cash chiropractic practices who do not submit insurance or Medicaid claims. While similar reporting can be generated, PCN does not generate official Superbills.

Can I track membership & billing?

Yes! We have a financial module that tracks visits, memberships, and plans as well as generates financial reports.

Can I upload intake forms and other relevant client documents?

Yes! We have a document library module that securely stores client intake forms, billing forms, and more!

Does Pure Chiro Notes handle appointments & scheduling?

At the present moment, we do not handle scheduling & appointments, but it's in the works!

Can Pure Chiro Notes generate ICD-10, CPT, or other medical codes?

No, and we have no plans to offer this functionality. Pure Chiro Notes work with practices who do not accept insurance or Medicaid as a method of payment.

If I lose my Internet connection, will I be able to use Pure Chiro Notes

If your practice is experiencing a temporary Internet outage, you will need to find an alternative way to connect to Pure Chiro Notes. Internet connection is required to use PCN.

How long has Pure Chiro Notes been in business?

Pure Chiro Notes was founded in June 2012 stemming from the frustration of overly complicated and expensive EHR softwares being the only option for membership & cash chiropractic practices.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page for more info!

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